Au Royaume des sons

Posted: September 29, 2021

If you would like to practice letters, sounds, and words in French at home today you can go to this link.
It must be played on Google Chrome or Firefox and I have not found an app in the app store for it yet. I will keep looking.
The student's usernames are the first three letters of their first name and the first three letters of their last name. Ex. Melissa Babin = melbab
Everyone's password is the same. It is my last name, no caps. Password = babin
It would be best if your child clicked on connaissance alphabétique and/or connaisance phonémique. These focus on letters and sounds in French. Each star has a different game. This is my first time using this learning resource and I am only exploring it for the first time this morning. I can try to help you if you are having trouble (email me), but I may not have all the answers yet.
I also hope to have a math online learning game very soon.
Do your best and happy learning!