Weather Policy

Posted: November 28, 2022

Dear Parents/Guardians:

Winter will soon be upon us, and we will be facing inclement weather events over the next several months. Lost instructional time remains a concern and keeping schools open is a high priority for our district/province; however, keeping students and staff safe will remain as our highest priority.

 We will continue to find balance by employing the options below in the coming months:

 1) Early Dismissal – May occur with unexpected weather events. Buses will be called back to the school and parents notified.

 2) Individual School Closures/Regional School Closures – May occur when one or more schools are affected by a severe weather event in their local area.

3) Delayed Bus Runs - May occur after a storm and some additional time is needed to clear roadways, parking lots, etc. In this instance, schools will open at their normal hours of operation and staff will be present. Parents will have the option of dropping students off at their respective schools; however, bus runs may be delayed by one or two hours.

Individual schools will be responsible for communicating closures and delays to parents when this occurs.

Important Note: You have the right to keep your child home should you deem road conditions unsafe. The student will not be penalized. You will be required to enter the absence in School Messenger right away, selecting the code Other Informed Absence and adding the word “weather” in the comment box.

For your information our winter weather lines • 1-888-950-1919 (Campbellton-Dalhousie – Jacquet River-Bathurst)


Dean Mutch Acting Superintendent